Cloche Cap

Cloche Cap


The Classic Cloche is the simplest version of the cloche that we do.  Clean lines, no frills, with a  removable flower pin.  Can be worn inside out to show off the seams and the silk that lines the hat.  $140.

Hand dyed, hand felted merino wool and silk.

Sizing and Sales Policy

To find out what size to order you will need to know your head measurement.  Using a cloth measuring tape,  measure from your forehead around the little bump on the back of your skull.  Keep the measuring tape firm but not too tight.

S- 20.5"

M- 21.5"


XL- 23.5

Unfortunately we do not offer returns on our product.  In the event that your piece doesn't fit, it may be exchanged for another item.  Customer is responsible for shipping costs.

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