Garment Care

Felt is a very durable fabric, and with gentle care will last you for many years to come.

Wool is naturally water resistant, so wearing a felted piece in the rain should not be problematic.  It will have a greater degree of water resistance if it is a thicker piece that is more tightly felted.  A piece that is mostly silk, without much wool, will likely not be water resistant.

Hand wash gently in cool water, with minimal agitation.  Any type of soap may be used.  Roll or press in a towel to remove excess moisture.  For scarves or garments lay flat to dry.  For hats, block the shape by putting it on your head and gently reshaping as you wish. Take the hat off and let it air dry in this shape.

Blocked hats should not be washed in the above manner as they will lose their shape.  You can spot clean with a wet cloth as necessary.

Pilling is a natural characteristic of wool, and all wool will pill to a certain degree.  This mostly happens in places that have the most contact.  Pills can be removed by gently shaving the piece using a razor or shaver designed to remove pills.


Every item is carefully made by hand, using top quality natural materials.  There will be slight variations and irregularities in every piece, but this is part of what makes each item special.  Please note that the colour may not appear exactly as on your screen, as it may vary slightly for every computer.

Because of the labour intensive processes involved in making each piece, we do not allow returns.  If a piece does not fit it may be exchanged for another item or credit.  Please read our fit information before ordering, and contact us with any questions!

Shipping is the responsibility of the customer, and we always recommend getting a tracking number and insurance.  While it may cost more, it is the only guarantee of replacement if the item goes missing.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this policy.