Funk Shui founder Jessica de Haas was raised in the mountains of British Columbia where she began her love of textiles (weaving her first piece on a Fisher Price loom at eight years of age). 

Jessica is a world traveller who finds inspiration from diverse landscapes and cultures. Using the ancient technique of felt making (which originates in Central Asia circa 6500–3000 B.C.) she transforms wool fibres into beautiful, strong, sustainable cloth. For the past 20 years she has created handmade fabrics, which she sculpts into wearable art pieces:

“I’m inspired by the tactile process behind creation, and the metamorphosis of ordinary materials into something extraordinary.”

Jessica at Funk Shui Atelier on Granville Island

Funk Shui garments add a playfulness to your wardrobe. While the pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art, they are always wearable and stylish. You can purchase our most popular items in the online shop – or come visit the Granville Island studio and let us help you choose or custom-order a piece that’s uniquely you.

Textiles have a rich history — for function, ornamentation and trade. In modern society there is a stark contrast between the handcrafted item and mass manufactured, “disposable” goods. Handcrafted items are precious; they possess a different energy: one that is alive, and connected to the artist and the wearer. The faster the spread of globalization, the greater the appreciation for what it replaces – connection to our hands, the earth, and each other.